The Arctic Circle: a place so far from our reality, yet so close to our dreams. 

Fellow filmmaker, Jaxon Roberts, and I spent 10 days exploring the north of Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland. Met with freezing blizzards, magical wildlife, and untouched landscapes as far as the eye can see - it's safe to say it was a life -changing experience. This trip was hands down one of the greatest I've ever experienced, and hopefully this inspires others to venture further north. (2023)

What does it mean to be free? Being exactly who you are in an environment to thrive upon with nothing in between. 

Fellow filmmaker, Hugo Cheng, and I spent five days travelling around the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. Being our first trip together in a few years, we had a lot to make up for and Aotearoa provided the goods for us to perfectly slip back into our collaborative creative journey together. 

Having Kathmandu support us by providing a range of gear to protect us against the ever-changing climate that New Zealand has to offer was essential for our adventure. (2023)

Having always wanted to visit Copenhagen, Denmark, I decided to leave home a day earlier on my recent trip to Europe and extended my layover to walk around the city. With no route planned and zero expectations, I just set out for the day with nothing more than my trusty Canon R5 and a 35mm lens to capture whatever I came across. This was my day in Copenhagen. (2023)

Here is my first short film - Lens.It follows the first three years of my creative career, from quitting my office job and buying my first camera, to travelling to nearly forty countries which moulded me into the creator I am today. From the highs of visiting numerous awe-inspiring destinations around the world, to the lows of self doubt and detachment from my surroundings along my pursuit - this is my story so far. (2021)

Rugged nature waiting to be explored, Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. With incredible mountain ranges, lush rainforests, stunning beaches and a haven for wildlife, Tasmania is a true island of contrasts. Spending twelve days travelling around the state, this is my experience, and one I won't soon forget. (2022)

A commerical for the Sportster S motorcycle by Harley-Davidson. (2022)

With Lowepro, you can take your gear anywhere. Seek adventure. Be creative. This is a short film in collaboration with Lowepro using the Protastic BP 450 AW II backpack in Iceland.  (2019)

Nestled in Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, Australia, this is Freycinet Lodge - Coastal Pavilions (Bay View). Overlooking Great Oyster Bay, the award winning, luxurious, and naturally immersive stay is one like no other. And for even more of a draw, Wineglass Bay is tucked right behind the accommodation with a short hike. (2022)

An ice caving adventure led by Local Guide in Iceland.Filmed by: Hugo Cheng, Manny Teh, Chad Gerber and Alvaro Valiente. (2019)

Nestled away in a secret spot an hour south of Perth, Western Australia, this is Florence by Hidden Cabins. Surrounded by endless views of dense forest with sounds of birds and crackling fires, you're truly immersed in the Australian wilderness.. (2022)

Jacob De Gaye - Live At The Indi Bar. (2020)

Here is the wedding film I created for Ben and Lorna in Perth, Western Australia. They are both Hollywood cinema enthusiasts and so I thought what better way to present their wedding day than by adding a few stylistic and cinematic film elements to tie their wedding film together. (2020)

Kraken Spiced Rum B-Roll Campaign. (2021)

Tourism video created for the region of Dwellingup, Western Australia, for the 2021 Top Town Tourism Awards. (2021)

‘With You’ Written, Directed and Produced by Mason Vellios. Director of Photography, Editing and Colouring by Chad Gerber. VFX by Mitchell Charman. (2021)

Promotional video for new Into The Wild Escapes cabin on King Island, Tasmania. (2023)

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